UFOs / Spheres captured during monsoon storm in Surprise, Arizona

I was in Surprise, AZ taking photographs in front of my house of a monsoon storm that was coming through on August 19, 2014. The low cloud cover was spectacular with lightening.

I didn't have time to get my tripod, so I ran out to the front of the house with my Nikon D7000 digital SLR camera and began taking photos about every 2 seconds to try to capture lightening. I took approx 12 photos from the front of the house continuously. I did not notice anything in my frame as I was taking the photos. In fact I wasn't even looking in that direction. The lightening was to the left or west of the object.

I noticed the objects after I downloaded the photos. Approx 5 minutes earlier, 2 Air Force fighter jets had passed over and I had captured them on my camera perfectly in focus. These objects looked blurry.

My camera is pretty good with a Nikon VR lens which allows me to capture almost anything with no blurriness. I used a digital zoom on my computer to zoom in on the object that seemed less than a mile away right under the cloud cover.

It was only in 1 frame in a series of photos that I took approx every 2 seconds. It is out of focus and appeared to be spinning looking at the photographed I used the digital zoom on. Mufon case 59702