Flying Creature Photographed in Indonesie

I am from England and I was at turtle beach Sukabumi Indonesia for a few days break from my home in Jakarta Indonesia with my wife who was walking along the beach around lunchtime on 10th October 2014, I took approximately 8 photos of her walking along the beach about 1 second apart.

When she looked at the photo's only 1 of them had a green object above her head that seemed to be a fair way out at sea and therefore quite large.

On inspecting the photo's taken a second before and a second after the one I submitted to you there was no object in the other photo's.

We showed the picture to 5 or 6 westerners that were around and watching us as the area is quite sparse and none of them saw the object.

Link original image: (Mufon case 60668)


  1. Looks like it might be a yellow butterfly or moth. I once took a photograph that had what appeared to be a bizarre looking creature flying in the sky in the background. After thorough examination a several other pairs of eyes, it was noted that the creature looked just like a wasp that happened to be flying by at just the right moment. Indeed, after closer inspection, I could see that it was most likely a wasp. I really do not think the yellow "object" in the picture above is over the water. I think it is more in the foreground but because it is suspended in midair and casts no shadow and has no other objects in the background with which it can be compared, it appears to be a UFO of some sort. Sorry to burst any bubbles. I am not saying that there is no such thing as aliens or alien UFOs or anything like that. I just do not think this picture has a true UFO in it.


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