Strange UFOs in the sky over Lavonia, Georgia - Oct 4, 2014

Strange UFO-like objects are photographed in the sky over Lavonia, Georgia on October 4, 2014.

Witness statement: "While driving on the highway I-85 near Lavonia, Georgia, my wife held the cell phone out the window and was snapping shots of the cloud formations, as we rode."

"After about seven shots she stopped. Nothing was visible in the sky as we rode.After we reviewed the images and on the last image we saw the 4 objects which looked like exhaust coming out of the bottom."

"Two previous shots showed faint blurred images which I assume were part of this four but not so close. Never saw the objects and they only appeared in the last photo. After seeing these objects, my wife and I wonder how it is possible that while my wife was snapping the shots, the objects were not visible." Images: Credit Mufon - case 60508.


  1. Incredible strange pictures of objects also very strange, but if the photos are real, no doubt that this phenomenas in the skies ask with demands for reasonable answers to this... Those who can, please do so.

  2. Look like motion blurred street lamps

  3. Yeah i guess this is it: Motion blurred lamps along the road! Cheers


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