UFO at San Jose International Airport San Jose, CA

My husband and I will watch planes frequently at San Jose International airport take off and land as a form of relaxing entertainment. He tends to take his Nikon Coolpix P7700 out to take pictures of the different planes landing or of interesting clouds that form in the area.

Image: Photo's 1,2,3 Object enlarged.
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On this night, September 20th, 2014 we were enjoying a picnic dinner while watching.

Suddenly we noticed a break in the planes. There had been so many coming and going, but then it got quiet... Nothing even in the skies around the airport. We thought it to be strange so we just waited.

He decided to get a continuous shot (group of 6) of the buses across the airport from us as an NFL team was coming in for a 49er game soon. During this time, there was absolutely no planes on or near the taxi area or air strips.

About 10-15 minutes went by (roughly) when planes suddenly started taking off and landing again like crazy! We thought it was odd, but joked that traffic control may have been busy talking to pilots at another smaller local airport.

Image: Photos 4,5,6 Object enlarged.
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We got home that night and just continued on with life as normal. Well... My husband was reviewing the pictures from that night just a few hours ago and noticed a circular shape object with a top dome light, windows, a red tail, white front lights and a grey base color to it! Its very odd, in these 6 continuous shots (taken at about 1/10/second speed each), you can clearly make out this object moving just a few feet above ground across the center runway (airstrip) in the opposite direction that the planes were coming in at!

It never changes shape, and keeps on a straight pattern. The only thing that changes in any of these photos is the color of the light on the dome portion of the top of the object.

We never saw this to our naked eye, and never heard any unusual sounds. There was no unusual activity after the event either, that we saw. There were no helicopters, or anything else except normal commercial planes coming and going.

Trajectory of the object - Animated GIF (6 photo's)

We have zoomed in and looked closely at these images where you can see great details. To us, its irrefutable proof that UFO's do exist. There's no way to deny it. Credit images: Mufon - case 60525.


  1. It's a UFO but what do you think it is?

  2. the Story for me, is more interesting than the pics.

  3. It's an airport security vehicle with its rollers on. Must've been something on the runway.


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