Albrecht Durer's 1514 Melencolia ‘Magic Square’ points to Ritual Code Dates Dec 21-24, 2014

Melencolia I is a 1514 engraving by the German Renaissance master Albrecht Dürer. It is an allegorical composition which has been the subject of many interpretations. One of the most famous old master prints, it has sometimes been regarded as forming one of a conscious group of Meisterstiche ("master prints") with his Knight, Death and the Devil (1513) and Saint Jerome in his Study (1514).

This video report, observes the German Renaissance Master Artist, Albrecht Durer, Melancholia I, Engraving of 1514 and in doing so, observes the recent 12-21 and the more recent, 12-24 ritual code dates.

The famous 4x4 magic square on this famous engraving, that adds to 34 totals in all directions, to include the four corners, is observed and in doing, it allows me to contribute to the existing interpretations, that many have provided over the many years.

This observation and interpretation contribution is only for the elements relevant to the existing ritual code, that shows us 12-21 and 12-24, as future ritual 911 dates to note. It is not a full and complete Melancholia-I engraving interpretation.

This report also shows how this famous Durer Engraving is potentially also linked to the Georgia Guidestones, because in the image, it appears that the lines of perspective, point to something other than the main title banner, that states, Melancholia-I. Lines appear to point to the horizon, leading one to think of the sun breaking the horizon at sunrise.

This perspective alignment to the horizon, is to me linked to sunrise, and this is exactly what the Georgia Guidestones were built to capture, as the sun rises, on Spring and Winter Solstice Sunrises. Next Winter Solstice Sunrise is on 12-21-14. This date is also a New Moon date.

The perspective alignment and the sun at the horizon, also aligns with the magic square in the engraving, and in doing so, it provided me with the ability to see and observe hidden elements, that will now be reported upon, in this new update report. It is in my opinion, a report, worthy of consideration.