November 7, 2014

Possible crashed spacecraft found on Mars, Region Ophir Chasma

An interesting photo taken by NASA in 1998 from the north wall of east Ophir Chasma, a vast equatorial region of Mars, where we see a number of channels, mountains and plains evoke a lonely and deserted place, shows a perfect geometric structure that does not seem to belong to the place.

The perfect polished object what appears to be an oval shaped spacecraft is resting atop a ridge and it seems to be covered with a thick coating of dust.


Link to original image 1998:

Coordinates Google Earth: 4°23'46.55"S  70° 8'26.36"W

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  1. Hello, i have been examining Mars pics for past two years, and one thing i notice is that most of these creatures large and small have shells attached to their bodies, probably to keep them warm and to protect them from the harsh martian environment.