Strange Sky Phenomenon photographed over Toronto, Canada – Nov 27, 2014

Witness: “While cooking dinner 35 stories above ground in east York Toronto I gazed out the window. I saw what appeared to be the hugest red crescent moon I've ever seen.”

“I took a picture, messaged my brother and as I watched it started to fade away. The left (south) side fading first until just a red 'tip' on the north side was visible. It was the last part to fade to black.”

“My apartment faces due west and due to the height I can see all the way to Mississauga on a clear night like tonight. I could see the clouds but it definitely wasn't cloud cover blocking the glow.”

“Then I realized at this time of night the moon should be in the east or overhead, not west and hovering on the horizon.”

“This thing was massive. I could see it on either side of various apartment buildings on the horizon. It appeared to be more than a km or 2 wide (perhaps more). And it was a reddish orange color.”

“It steadily faded, no flickering or flashing. It truly looked like an eclipsing planet. I was transfixed by it. I couldn't walk away in case I missed it. Only looked away for quick texts to my brother hoping he could see what I was seeing.” Mufon case 61705.


  1. Wow! How interesting. did anyone else see this and report it?

  2. I have been searching everywhere for information...I saw something VERY similar and I want to say it was around the same time this photo was taken. In the sky it looked to be about two inches below the moon and two inches to the left. An orange and rust colored crescent shaped mass. It didn't move at all. I rubbed my eyes and tried cleaning the windshield of my car and realized this was in fact in the sky and not something in my eye or on my car.


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