The Curiosity has lost a part of the Mars Rover or is it something extraterrestrial?

The latest image captured by Mars Rover Curiosity shows a very small metallic-like object what looks like a chip or broken particle of an artificially made object.

Close to the object we see another small object, At first glance it looks like the letter X, but when we zoom in onto the object it turns out to be a square or triangular figure with a diagonal line on the left side and probably part of the first object.

Original image - SOL 817

It may be a newly broken part of the Curiosity or is it something extraterrestrial?

Link to the original image:


  1. The triangle you refer to ... look closer. It's the Star of David. Couldn't be clearer, this is amazing.
    Dave in Jupiter, FL

  2. It looks like that white stuff again that Nasa found before, except this time its not hiding in the rocks.

  3. Yup. NASA is telling you the rovers are another hoax.


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