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NASA exposes Illuminati ties with perfectly timed (911) apogee during the "Orion Test Flight"

During the test flight of the Orion spacecraft on December 5, several times the flight officer says 911 and 191 referring to the peak altitude/time of the spacecraft, but is it possible that 911 and 191 also refer to hidden Illuminati signs?

Posters comments: Orion was originally Osiris. Osiris is the God trapped in the space time box, center of the two pillars, or tree of life. Of course that's what the Twin towers were modeled after. 9= God 11=Space time duality. God is hidden in the tree of life 191 = Osiris in the box, 911= out of the box.

There are rumors that the “Mars Mission” is a cover-up and the real mission is to fly to asteroid Apophis with only one goal to destroy or change the path of the asteroid to avoid a possible collision with earth.

Project: Orion manned deep spacecraft.

January 2004: President Bush announced the CEV (Crew Exploration Vehicle) project.
May 2011: Start of CEV project:
December 5, 2014: Test flight Orion Spacecraft
Year 2021: First manned mission Orion (not expected until 2021 at least)
Year 2030: Projected first manned mission to Mars

Asteroid Apophis (2004 MN4)

Asteroid Apophis discovered on May 2004.
Wide: 320 meters

Apophis will pass the Earth just 30,000km above Earth’s surface on April 13, 2029 (on Friday 13th) - less than one-tenth the distance of the moon and closer even than the communication satellites that encircle the Earth at 36,000km.

Though NASA significantly improved the orbital calculation and stated the chances of the 2029 impact dropped to essentially zero, Apophis belongs to a group known as the Aten family. These do not belong to the asteroid belt and spend most of their time inside the orbit of the Earth, placing them between our planet and the sun. That makes them particularly dangerous.

Furthermore, Russia has announced that they have tentative plans to land a tracking beacon on Apophis sometime after 2020, so that its orbit can be much more precisely followed from Earth is an indication that this asteroid is still a potential hazard.


What if asteroid Apophis was discovered in 2003, months before the official announcement in May 2004. It explains the announcement of President Bush in January 2004 to start up the CEV project and with the arrival of the asteroid in 2029 they have 25 years to prepare the Orion spacecraft for its mission and in case the asteroid poses no risk in 2029 they can continue with their ‘back-up’ mission to Mars.




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TTSA: Fear Mongering or is UFO Secrecy Crumbling?

Secrecy on UFOs has been with us for a lifetime. At times it has seemed like it would last forever.

For the past few years, however, the media has treated the subject rather differently and since late 2017 ufology has been in a fevered state with new revelations, new media coverage, and a much enhanced "brand" overall.

Nearly all of this is due to To the Stars Academy (TTSA). TTSA's recent TV show, Unidentified, portrayed several military encounters with UFOs, and more than once - many times, in fact - used the word "threat" in connection to these encounters.

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UFO hit by lightning over El Paso, Texas

On July 8, 2019 the witness caught a bright Sphere in the sky over El Paso, Texas when it struck by lightning. After being hit, the UFO has gone.

The witness: I just saw today! I just see a cloud headed my way, then a light appeared with a lightning, then another lightning and bam its gone!!

In slow motion you can clearly see that the lightning strikes the UFO.

UFO de-activates Tornado in Italy

An approaching tornado was filmed this month, July 2019, from a beach in Italy.

Suddenly a possible partially cloaked UFO comes into view flying towards the tornado on which it seems as the object de-activates it.

After the strange event the tornado seems to have disappeared.

UFO Caught Sucking Water From A Lake In Sweden

On their way home two friends noticed a bright light above Lake Mälaren in Strängnäs, Sweden on June 10, 2018.

Misha who has filmed the object, for about 7 minutes before it disappeared, said the object made no noise and it looked like it sucked water from the lake.

The shortened footage shows a bright light above the lake, a reflection of the light is seen on the water, as well as a strange blue object. A bridge is visible in the background.

Carina Lindqvist who put the video on her channel says “My friend Misha is convinced he has filmed a UFO.”