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Smithsonian Institution admits to destroying thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in early 1900's

Smithsonian admits to destruction of thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in early 1900′s.

A US Supreme Court ruling has forced the Smithsonian institution to release classified papers dating from the early 1900′s that proves the organization was involved in a major historical cover up of evidence showing giants human remains in the tens of thousands had been uncovered all across America and were ordered to be destroyed by high level administrators to protect the mainstream chronology of human evolution at the time.

The allegations stemming from the American Institution of Alternative Archeology (AIAA) that the Smithsonian Institution had destroyed thousands of giant human remains during the early 1900′s was not taken lightly by the Smithsonian who responded by suing the organization for defamation and trying to damage the reputation of the 168-year old institution.

During the court case, new elements were brought to light as several Smithsonian whistle blowers admitted to the existence of documents that allegedly proved the destruction of tens of thousands of human skeletons reaching between 6 feet and 12 feet in height, a reality mainstream archeology can not admit to for different reasons, claims AIAA spokesman, James Churward.

The turning point of the court case was when a 1.3 meter long human femur bone was shown as evidence in court of the existence of such giant human bones. The evidence came as a blow to the Smithsonian’s lawyers as the bone had been stolen from the Smithsonian by one of their high level curators in the mid 1930′s who had kept the bone all his life and which had admitted on his deathbed in writing of the undercover operations of the Smithsonian.

"It is a terrible thing that is being done to the American people" he wrote in the letter. "We are hiding the truth about the forefathers of humanity, our ancestors, the giants who roamed the earth as recalled in the Bible and ancient texts of the world".

The US Supreme Court has since forced the Smithsonian Institution to publicly release classified information about anything related to the “destruction of evidence pertaining to the mound builder culture” and to elements “relative to human skeletons of greater height than usual”, a ruling the AIAA is extremely enthused about.

"The public release of these documents will help archaeologists and historians to reevaluate current theories about human evolution and help us greater our understanding of the mound builder culture in America and around the world" explains AIAA director, Hans Guttenberg.

"Finally, after over a century of lies, the truth about our giant ancestors shall be revealed to the world" he acknowledges, visibly satisfied by the court ruling.

The documents are scheduled to be released in 2015 and the operation will be coordinated by an independent scientific organization to assure political neutrality.

Editors note: I put a question mark on this story, but if this story is true, history can be rewritten, so let's wait and see if they release the documents in 2015 or not.

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  1. why do they want to hide this stuff!

    1. They hide it because of its implications religiously and scientifically.
      It will make connection which can destroy prominent beliefs, which in turn destroys control elites have over us.
      Giants are directly related to alien visitation and tampering of our DNA.

    2. messes up controlling people with the bible and quran

    3. I'm so disappointed with our Government and high Elite Society That Play God In Our Lives.Who do you think you are to take away our rights to truth. Sickening indeed.😒

    4. WHAT high Elite Society?
      What makes you think this story is even vaguely true?
      Where are the court case reference numbers?

    5. You are sickened and disappointed, but you have been manipulated.
      There is nothing to indicate this story is true. Supreme Court case?
      Where are the court case dates and reference numbers?

    6. Lavita.
      Sheila refers to the iluminatti, or cabal. Or those whom run the secret societies which are the power and control behind the scene's. Shadow government if you prefer. This is not a single story. The story of giants is an old one and a repeated one. It has been whistle blowed on literally hundreds of times. But not all evidence has been covered. If you do your research you will find it. yes, the disinformation psy op to muddy the waters is thick, and you will have to sift in your searching. But it will help you develop a filter. If you are ready to know these things you will feel a Need to search and keep searching. It will over come you out of know where. If you are not. You will make excuses, rationalizations, and dismiss. I hope this message finds you well. The old conduit is closing.

  2. so if this court ruling really happened then it should be easy to find a source for it now without waiting for the documents to be released. its pretty hard to believe this (even i f i want to) without something as simple as that even.

    1. not entirely true. there could be a gag order pending release. Among many reasons.
      thus we hear about it through such means as we have here.

  3. Native Americans have a strong 'standing' as the 'original' settlers of the Americas. All skeletons dated at a specific period and above shall be handed over to native American tribes without question or documentation. Nevada has a native American 'tail' that is a disgrace to the history of the 'native' American population as a peaceful people. The story goes that a tribe in Nevada 'The Paiutes' stalked giants into a cave and demanded that they come out and join the 'clan' or suffer the consequence of being burned alive.

    The barbarians were given the choice to come out and join the Paiutes and cease their evil ways, but they refused to answer; and the Paiutes burned them.

    WHITE EUROPEAN 'type' skeletons predate 'native' American tribes by 2000 years at least.

  4. Lilly, they want to hide the truth because it will go against everything that most people believe in. It will cause an uproar and raise questions about our existence and past, evolution, creation, everything.

  5. anyone who believes this hoax is an idiot, these are not but pure fabricated lies to fool not believe those scum bags!!!

    1. Sierraman.
      Not sure whom you are referring to as the scum bags here.
      The institutions which actually DO hide or destroy archaeological evidences which conflict with mainstream accepted and funded academia, Or the people whom have followed the clues and evidences and caught onto the corruption?
      Do please clarify, so that I know How to categorize YOU.
      Thanx. Sincerely:

  6. Those who call themselves Native Americans today are not the first inhabitants of our continent. Their cultures have many legends about the giants who were already here and and cohabited with them. Give the skeletons to the "native americans" and we will lose them again to political correctness. We want and deserve the truth!

  7. Sorry to disappoint but this is a recycled hoax of an earlier version where the giant bones were found in Turkey. A better story would be giant living turkeys in USA in time for thanksgiving LOL.

    1. but what part is the supposed Hoax?
      Them Admitting it? Or them actually Doing it? ( because we already know they Do it. )
      Do please send us the evidence that it is a Hoax, in links.
      Thank you.

  8. The principles of the world famous Smithsonian Institute are the "diffusion of knowledge" and the "increase of knowledge". The diffusion appears in the thousands of publications housed at the Washington institution. Smithsonian institution

  9. It's 2016, did they release the documents? An update would be nice.

  10. Guys, this is a hoax. Many images have been traced back to photoshop contests. and smothsonian would have been public record. There is no record of them admitting anything.


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