Strange Sounds and Booms heard in New York and UK at the same time

Massive mysterious booms were heard 3000 miles apart from New York to the UK this past Saturday.

The strange booming noises were reported by a number of people in New York and the United Kingdom at the same time.

 According to MailOnline, the police received several calls about the loud noises, but they have no idea what caused it.

Meteorologists from the national weather service do not believe it could be anything related to weather.

One theory was that the loud booms could have been caused by a meteorite breaking up in the atmosphere and going so fast that it was causing sonic booms.

However am not sure how such a noise could travel so far and be by heard by residents in two places that were very, very far away from each other.

An expert claims the loud bangs which baffled Britons, sounded like a type of experimental jet engine, but that does not explain the same loud bangs in New York at the same time.



  1. it does sound allot like fireworks/or could it be some form of Morse code?

  2. Space battles happening just above the earth.

  3. If it was fireworks, don't you think someone would have said that it was? Yet no one did! It wasn't fireworks!


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