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UFOs exist and are as real as Area 51 - Here is the proof!

After 25 years Bob Lazar and George Knapp will be reuniting for a special appearance at the world’s largest annual UFO conference–the International UFO Congress in Scottsdale, AZ on February 18, 2015.

Image: UFOs at Area 51.

What could be the reason for this unique reunion?

I think the contents of an email I received today from my contact ‘Sander’ says enough.

According to ‘Sander’, during the UFO conference Bob Lazar and George Knap will probably provide evidence of the existence of UFOs at Area 51.

Below a copy of the email. I have translated the original text ‘Dutch’ into English.

Hi Ron, 

We, my new team "Tumbleweed" and I stand shortly before a revolutionary disclosure. We are supported by Robert "Bob" Lazar and journalist George Knapp. John Lear also is aware of our plans.

We know batter impose unique video footage of test flights of five different UFO’s (there are more) from basic S4 (at the Area 51).

This material so I edited (forensic) that UFOs are now clearly visible. Currently there are four videos on my YouTube channel "1967sander" and remain there. (No longer be removed!). 

The video of Bob Lazar during the UFO congress February 18 axis to the media / attendees presented works by George Knapp.

I've added the stills from the UFOs. 

With best regards, 
On behalf of Team Tumbleweed. 

Team Tumbleweed is a cooperation between processors worldwide with just one aim: They show the world that UFOs exist and that our governments are hiding this from the public! 2015 is the year that they will change this!

For decades Robert "Bob" Lazar who said to have filmed a UFO at the Area 51 (A51 / Groom Lake / Dreamland) has been accused of being a liar, fraud and fooling the public.

Many video and photo material found on the internet indeed has been manipulated to fool the public so it comes as no surprise that the general idea exists that nothing of the uploaded video material is real.

This is regrettable as there are real researchers who have filmed objects which they call UFO.

It is a misconception that UFOs are extraterrestrial. UFO stands for "Unidentified Flying Object" so basically everything that is flying, unknown and cannot be positively identified is a UFO.

There are 9 different type of UFO at the Area 51 and at present 6 have been filmed, fully enhanced and documented. Bob Lazar filmed his UFO on March 29 1989. The other 5 UFO have been filmed from 1991 - 2012.

Here is a short preview:

UFO - L1 - Robert 'Bob' Lazar


UFO -T8 - Area51.


UFO - T15 - S4 - Area 51.



  1. ..You know, I LIVE in the area in which this much lauded "U.F.O. CONGRESS" was held...(??) One wonders "WHY", if in fact those involved truly "BELIEVE" their own..ahh, "press", they would choose to hold this event in.."SCOTTSDALE" (???). THE MOST EXPENSIVE Hotels, restaraunts, neighbourhoods, shops...etc, etc..(??) ..In fact, the OUTRAGEOUS "prices" to even "ATTEND" this event were soo prohibitive, as though puposely designed to dissuade all but the "affluent"..(??!!) Now, I hear the "talking heads" righteously extolling the "virtues" of .."DIS-CLOSURE".., & how, "the Public" has the "RIGHT TO KNOW "..., but, apparently NOT in "SCOTTSDALE".., at "THEE U.F.O. CONGRESS"..., unless, of course, they CAN AFFORD THE INFORMATION...!!!! ..(UGH..)


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