What is interacting with our Sun?

Dark Sky Watcher noticed a strange sky phenomenon captured on his 'Live on U-stream'.

It looks like something is interacting with our sun. Is the sun doing this or is the sun exchanging massive discharge with an unknown object or an external force?

Has it something to do with comet Lovjoy or with a second comet named Comet Finlay, discovered by William Henry Finlay from South Africa on September 26, 1886?


It’s interesting that Mars and Finlay’s paths intersect on December 23, when the duo will be in close conjunction only about apart (1/3 the diameter of the Full Moon). They’ll continue to remain almost as close on Christmas Eve. Comet Finlay reaches perihelion or closest approach to the Sun on December 27.

Nostradamus has a quatrain that says great lightening from the sky will crack the great stones.


  1. The sun is not a sun , it is not an ordinary star as it looks, but rather it seems to be a sort of stargate, a portal where a variety of entities goes in and out and it repeats again and again and again… and nothing is too surprising at all. Yet all this just adds further infos and that is useful to mankind.

  2. Has anyone thought of the theory that it could be a the other side of a blackhole?


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