Bright Unknown Object burned up over the Hualapai Mountains in Kingman Arizona

Skywatcher 'DarkSkyWatcher74' noticed a bright object streaking across the sky heading NW to SE towards the Hualapai Mountains in Kingman Arizona on January 5, 2015.

Darkskywatcher74 said: "The object was within our atmosphere and it hit about 20 degrees on the Horizon it started to burn up. I do not believe this was a meteor or the plume would have started higher up in elevation but I could be wrong though due to the perspective as it is over the mountain and beyond my horizon.

Yesterday, we reported about a fireball (Crashing object and orb leaving the object moving off in the opposite direction) captured over South California on January 5, 2015. (Image left.)

Is it just coincidence and these objects are just two meteorites passing through Earth’s atmosphere coming from the current Quadrantids meteorite shower or are we talking about the same burning object/UFO and there's more going on here than meets the eye?

Besides the object(s) in south California and Kingman Arizona, another strange burning object fell from the sky in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

There is reason for concern with all these unidentified flying and burning objects falling from the sky?

Video 1: Burning object over Hualapai Mountains in Kingman Arizona.


Video 2: Burning object over Porto Alegre in Brazil.


  1. I am coming to the belief that there is a battle going on up there.
    Far too many things falling that are Not meteors.

  2. This has crossed my mind too Var. Star Wars!


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