Skywatcher caught UFO in Space next to the ‘Orion Nebula’

Skywatcher Obengware from Jakarta, Indonesie captured a possible UFO near the ‘Orion Nebula’ on January 11, 2014.

While using a Nikon DS100 camera fixed on tripod –position 90 deg. Vertical with a Tamron 70-300mm, Zoom max 300mm (450mm with APS-C sensor) he noticed an object next to the Orion Nebula.

Resolution Photo RAW 4928x2772 pixel. Link: Original photo

The object makes movements which are very different in comparing with the surrounding stars. All the stars move downward while the object moves upward.

Obengware took about 9 times (batch) x 30 photos, with different setting, angle and zoom. After the first batch photos using Lightroom, the moving object plus one meteor showed up.

Checking the only given information on that site: No sightings at this location for this period (Saturday Jan 10, 2015 through Saturday Jan 24, 2015).

Obengware wonders whether this object is a UFO, space junk or a secret spacecraft like the top-secret X-37B.