Strange Fireball makes maneuvers in the sky over Frias, Argentina

In our previous article 'There is a secret Space War going on? Four strange Fireballs falling from the sky over Texas City, TX' we reported on the many strange 'burning' objects falling from the skies in recent months (Puerto Rico and Portoalegre in Brazil, Russia's Amur Region, Utah sky, San Antonio, Charlottetown in Canada, Kingman Arizona, Texas City, Texas). And in most cases, the object made strange movements and disappeared.

Yet, another strange phenomenon was spotted yesterday afternoon which was recorded by several residents of the city of Frías in Argentina.

A strange light made movements in the sky, like it was under intelligent control and this went on until the "light" disappeared.

People filmed the phenomenon with their cellphone cameras and sent the information to the whatsapp feed of Nuevo Diario (385 523 3425).

According to One witness said "What we saw was like a meteor." Others said: "In the sky it looked like a point of radiating light and it moved from one side to the other."

The video below shows a close up of the burning V-shaped fireball captured over Brazil in January 4, 2015.