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February 11, 2015

Film Crew captured purple UFO over Miraflores, Lima in Peru - Feb

A UFO has captured the attention of thousand of Peruvians today, after Congressman Renzo Reggiardo and his film crew captured footage of a purple floating object in the sky over Miraflores, Lima in Peru on February 10, 2015.

According to Peruthisweek Reggiardo had just begun filming for his program “Alto al crimen” when his camera man got distracted by something floating in the distant sky. They postponed filming a few moments to take a better look at the floating object.

Onlookers in the video shout their wild suggestions and estimations for the UFO and concluded it could not be a plane for the way it was floating.



  1. Fantastic. My favorite colour too. Did any one closer see it ? Why are there never any comments on here. Where are they?

  2. Hi Iceni,
    People do comment but it can get a bit repetitive. In this instance it's a case of asking these questions.
    Is it a hoax? If it is real is it something that can be explained like a balloon, plane? Is it a UFO?
    It always seems the videos are never close enough to capture detail so we can never quite make out what they are actually seeing. Even in the very few videos captured in the past with better detail we are then left wondering is it some secret military craft or drone. It's a very difficult to keep the motivation but we must go on to try and find the answers.

  3. I've always felt as if we are built with a sixth sense, that when I (personally) have looked up at similar crafts a couple times in my life... I receive a strong feeling that it is NOT us. Just a sense, an unexplainable feeling or experience. Just an idea to mix up the comments ;) been here for years, do not chip in enough

  4. Ha yeah we are always here! Each day I check this site religiously, it's the best!

  5. I am here with you AARON.
    Every single day.


  6. we are able to shoot images lights years away, and we canot take images from space of those UFO'S? come on, and the film crews, those videos seemed like from cell phones, where are the film crew camera's? i say HOAX, nothing but!

  7. Not a hoax. That's what the Peruvian Airforce and MUFON-PERU want you to believe -- both of which have direct links to USG agencies. Both have produced "witnesses" that allege that this sighting was a kite. Not a chance. The day was frigging windy (expecially by Lima standards). Windows were rattling. (I've never seen it like this). And this craft was absolutely still -- indeed stationary for 2 hours. Miraflores is on the coast. The Congressman was not all surprised (Congressmen have insider knowledge), while the crew was, even scared. The female crewperson cursed (and Peruvian females don't curse). This was an honest-to-goodness UFO. When yuo have disinformation agents trying to discredit a sighting, we Peruvians know THAT's the hoax. In the 70s the neighborhood witnessed a similar sighting at night. The craft was brighter than anything anyone had seen, was stationary (over the water) and stayed for hours. The next day the press published a report alleging it was a hoax, some sort of trick, w/o really explaining what sort of trick could've produced this. Guys and gals... this was real...

  8. Not a hoax... MUFON-PERU and the Peruvian Air Force have attempted to discrediting this by producing bogus witnesses and photo.

  9. The above top secret website has a photo of a large kite that has the same color combination as the UFO - so it is likely this was a big kite.