Twin Ships Witnessed – Vero Beach FL – Jan 27, 2015

The following extraterrestrial contact was captured by a group of CSETI members during an advanced consciousness training.

The event was a result of an invitation initiated by the members using coherent thought and meditation practices, also known as, CE-5 protocols.

The witnesses are sure these lights are UFO’s, but according to other people, these two lights are artillery illumination rounds or just flares.

CSETI member Mark Simmons said: ”I was there and watching with a pair of AN/PVS-7B Gen-3 night vision goggles. There were no airplanes in that area in the sky before, during or after these lights were seen. Also, I saw no smoke. Any smoke would have been illuminated by the flares and a smoke trail/plume would have been visible in the goggles after the event.”

Here is the interesting footage.



  1. Oh for heaven's sake! Stop saying these flares are extraterrestrial, or intergalactical. Get your facts straight and keep the integrity of this site. We can all speculate, but that's all it is , speculation!

  2. Isn't this a paid event,they pay 2500 a pop for a course in meeting ET,so it likely is a staged event.I'm all for believing in life in the universe,but I'm not convinced a UFO club can sit on the beach and aliens show up.Its some type of illumination device,hoax,etc.


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