UFO Lights over Phoenix, Arizona - Feb 3, 2015

Are the Phoenix Lights back after 18 years?

Three young men from Sunnyslope are while walking to a friend's house and they noticed strange lights flickering over Phoenix, Arizona. They filmed the lights on February 2, 2015.

A day later at approximately 10.15 pm a similar event took place near Goodyear, close to Phoenix, Arizona.

Witness: I saw the lights while driving. It was moving south over the Estrella Mountains. The lights were a fiery color. What is not visible in the video is the shape of the craft and the massive size of it. After it disappeared we continued to drive in the direction it was headed, eventually driving behind the mountain but saw nothing.



  1. These are Not the phoenix lights seen earlier in the evening.
    These are military flares deployed much later After the actual UFO event.

    If you follow the original eye witness testimonies of the earlier event, you will know the difference.

  2. I live in the Estrella Mountain community. My grandson and I were a wittness to these lights. From our back yard looking south we saw a straight line of about 7 bright red lights. Did not appear to be moving. We watched for several minutes. It seemed to be not more than a mile or two away from us. As you get to the end of Estrella Parkway there is nothing but open area and that is where it seemed to be. I went in to look for my camera and upon returning the large line of lights were gone. This is not the first time I have seen strange things in the sky from our back yard. I have seen 3 lights at times that randomly scatter quickly in the distance out in that open area.


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