ETs Moving Earth toward Orion - Planet X and Astro-Planetology

The next two videos are revealing in-depth interviews and analyses showing a timeline for an unfolding event in the next two years. Yet there are signs that governments are preparing at the highest levels for an astronomical event.

A panel with Alfred Lambremont Webre, authors Peter Kling and Emily Windsor Cragg project out the positive timeline to perceive, define and evaluate possible alternative futures using our best multidimensional as well as 3D tools on the issue of an Earth axis shift or Nibiru/Planet X type event as part of our immediate future toward planetary frequency ascendance.

One outcome of the panel is a hypothesis that there is prima facie evidence that advanced interdimensional entities – Universe Architects – may be moving planet Earth out of our solar system and the Milky Way galaxy toward Orion in order to avoid potentially catastrophic astronomical events.

And Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot has an interview with Kameran Fally, banker, physicist, religious scholar and political advisor to top levels of the British and Iraqi governments.

As an insider, he has access to information of the preparations by governments around the world for something that we, the general public are not being told.

Kameran Fally explains his background, theory and the signs that governments are preparing at the highest levels for a significant event in the next two years.

He is also a remote viewer and has visions which he believes are also giving him information about this. His conclusions are his own and Project Camelot cannot confirm or deny the information he puts forward here. However, it is worth noting that much of the information in this video has been substantiated by various Camelot witnesses. Yet, his timeline for the unfolding events is his own.

Go To: to obtain a copy of his 44 page presentation explaining in more detail his theory on the return of Planet X.