ISS Live-Feed: UFO or ‘Holographic’ Moon just disappears! – March 7, 2015

The following ISS live-stream footage is recorded on March 7, 2015 and it shows something very strange just before NASA cut abruptly its live stream.

A spherical object is clearly visible and then just disappears, like somebody just turned all the lights off.

Streetcap1 wonders if the object is a UFO or the Moon.

Is it possible the live-feed shows a ‘holographic’ Moon?

The strange phenomenon comes days after Crrow777 published an interesting video on YouTube, arguing that the moon is an illusion, see our article: The Moon is an Illusion and no one goes above low Earth Orbit


Here is the link to the original NASA Footage. Go have a look before link disappears.


  1. If there was another point of reference, this would be something. However, the earth is not in view when the moon goes away, so it could simply be explained away by saying the camera went down. Nothing more, nothing less. If someone has footage that shows a point of reference still rolling when the moon goes away, then you would have something. Keep searching! Here is what I know. Something is UP. BIG time. I am not going to say that the moon is a hologram, or the rings of saturn are old houses that were destroyed, but there is something very substantial they are not telling us. Here is what I know. To find the truth, all one needs to do is first follow the money. So far, in my research I can (with 988% certainty) say that at least 50% of the black budget went into creating a vast underground network. Why this was done I am not sure. One could assume it was for "protection", but I don't ever say if I am not certain. Another certainty is tptb are doing everything they can to dumb us down. There are over 80 chemicals that are banned everywhere else in the world, even in 3rd world countries, but not in America. They are still fluoridating our water to boot, and BABY water has it! :(not cool). Autism is 10,000X more prevalent than 50 years ago. WTF? Climate Change is real, however it is not "manufactured". They just want to make us think it is so they can cash in. Cycles of weather are a normal part of earth changes. There was 100,000X more Carbon Dioxide in the air when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Must have been dino-flatulence? This last year had the thickest icepack on both poles in over 100 years. It was the coldest month on record for many east coasters, and the warmest on the west coast. NASA has been caught fudging data, and the reason it was changed from global warming to climate change was because the average mean temp. has not gone up in 17 years. So, vote with your wallet, (we got RBST out of the milk, and more recently all the artificial shit out of nestle!) and make sure everyone around you knows the best way to the truth is to follow the $. Also, pretty cool that a 17 year old kid from Seattle created a google chrome extension called GREENHOUSE that will show contributions to politicians as a window that pops in when at various sites. Good job kid! Lets get rid of the fluoride next!


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