ABS-CBN TV News: UFOs captured over Pampanga, Philippines - April 26, 2015

On April 26, 2015 several witnesses captured strange unidentified flying objects over Pampanga, Philippines.

There is much discussion on social media about the true nature of these objects, from UFOs, flares, kites with Led lamps, to landings lights of planes.

Below a report of ABS-CBN TV News:



  1. I'm loving these sightings at the moment. Seems genuine so far, multiple sources with different camera angle vids, if it turns out to be a viral to promote interest in the forthcoming Independence Day movie, Hollywood should be razed to the ground for biting the hand that feeds.

    Keith W

  2. Also, I'm a little disappointed with the lack of comments here lately. This story in particular seems very interesting to me at the minute. Any feedback, on any story is welcome. I hope you, as I, are permanently on guard against hoax and fanboy clips and are sceptical enough not to be led down a fairytale path to what you want to hear instead of the truth. Please keep up the good work.

    Keith W

    1. sadly Most ufo sightings are run of the mill now.
      We KNOW they are here. Its not like any one can deny it any longer, at least not any one with an ounce of sense.
      The only UFO sighting of late that has captivated me personally, is of a floating city.
      Thats a little different.

      I my self am long past mere sightings how ever. I am looking for purpose. Agenda's. patterns. activities.
      Action and consequence.
      abductions. but more, whats being told to those abducted.
      Im more into the fact that they live among us, create hybrids with us. have even gone to School with us.
      I am into looking for evidence that they are involving them selves good or bad, in society and effecting change.
      The Illuminati struggle to control usurp and corrupt using corporations government and banks.
      Which in turn corrupt media and use this to condition. But, there are White hat elements if you will, which work in secret cells to oppose them.
      We have secret space programs which are interplanetary. Bases on moon and mars.
      We have genetics within us which are changing and awakening, and with it, the consciousness of all man. Do you Understand the 100 monkey theory?

      So much is happening. More than merely the increased sightings, for,.... for every 100 sightings we see, we Only catch 1/100 on film or vid.
      Yet, for every 1 we SEE, 100s more go unseen as they are beyond the human or electromagnetic spectrum of vision and radar, but, they are There.
      There is at least one to every major city in the world unseen and monitoring.
      You will Only catch a glimpse of it with very high end infra-red spectrum equipment.

      If you used such equipment world wide, you would see the Real traffic, that we do Not see with the naked eye or vid.
      So Kieth. Its time to move forward. Research and awaken. You are willing, and more, you are ready.
      Find the clues that tie ALL things together all the way from Kenedy's assassination, to 9/11, to sandy hook, to Cern collider, to norway spiral, to our so called Junk DNA, and on and on.

      Be well my friend.

  3. I have to agree with you Varakienen on one of your last points. I believe that most activity is out of sight of our normal vision and like with capturing paranormal activity we must utilise and use this technology and focus on what's above us. I think we use infra red and full spectrum tech to scan the skies and we would possibly find a lot more!

  4. UFO myth in Pampanga debunked

    Chief Supt. Ronald Santos, Police Regional Office 3 officer-in-charge, echoed Dacanay’s obeservation: “Thinking that we have this Balikatan exercises, these could be military drones doing some surveillance or testing… the way I see it, there is nothing stunning there. I don’t consider this as UFO as well.”

    Read more at http://www.mb.com.ph/ufo-myth-in-pampanga-debunked/#W7x1FTduSP2ZtTeO.99


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