Disc-Shaped UFO filmed over Rome, Italy – Apr 12, 2015

On April 12, 2015 the witness was on his terrace of his home in Rome and was filming a plane with a camera with a powerful zoom (Panasonic Lumix camera with a 60x zoom lens). When he reviewed the video on his computer he noticed what looks like a disc-shaped object.

The sighting is analyzed by the Mediterranean UFO Center (C.UFO.M) and they concluded that it is not a bird, a satellite, an atmospheric probe or a balloon.

The object emits lights sometimes right and sometimes to the left. As for the lights, if the object is a balloon that is spinning, reflections would change rapidly and look to be in odd places, but investigator Angelo Maggioni ruled out that it is a balloon as the sun is to the left and not all of the reflections appear to be to the left, besides the object has a focus similar to that of the aircraft. Angelo Maggioni suggests the object must be a UFO.

But is it a UFO, a man-made or extraterrestrial craft with lights or it is just a balloon?