Possible four-legged dark creature caught on camera by Opportunity Mars Rover

A photo taken by Mars Rover Opportunity last month shows what appears to be a four-legged animal what looks like a bear.

It’s always the question with such objects depicted in a photograph, do we see here an animal on the surface of the planet Mars or is it just the human tendency to imagine a pattern what does not exist?

But suppose it is not imagination or misperception of the object, it opens the question whether life currently exists on Mars or not?

Original Image.


You can check the original image at SOL 3954 – Mars rover Opportunity. 



  1. I have seen this picture before. I think it was a supposed pic on Dartmoor England! So i would say fake!!!!!

  2. I think it is just a big black rock with three reflective lighter-coloured rocks in front of it!

  3. it looks like pumba from the movie the lion king!!!!!

  4. i think pics are taken in earth and shows as of mars ,,,,who knows what the rover is doing over there.

  5. I would say go toward the object. If it moves run, Curiosity RUN!

  6. when the rover went close to the object if it moves then it is alive


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