Alex Jones: ‘Be Alert Something Big Is About To Happen’!

Scientists have proven that humans and animals can sense events and energy sources that are beyond the reach of the five senses.

It seems Alex Jones feels uncomfortable. Alex Jones' sixth sense has been going off in recent weeks and he wanted to take some time to share what he has been going through mentally and call for a discussion of what the future has in store in for all of us.

Is something about to happen? Is a spiritual war coming, alien disclosure or an impending natural catastrophe or is it a war, an economic collapse or something we cannot really even imagine until it happens?



  1. I think Alex Jones can be a Donnie Downer sometimes and it's funny how he's so hard on himself then he takes that aggression out on other people. Brighten up my friend and learn to love a little and spread that love instead of preaching about how something "bad" is going to happen all the time. His viracity sometimes makes him sound like a crazy lunatic. Relax and enjoy life it's really not all that "bad"

  2. Interesting.
    I have been looking into the 100 monkey theory recently. And with the notion that we Create our own reality.
    Now, if the powers that be, the negative ones, Want to keep people in fear, will this not generate that fear and negativity through the morphic field? Is This kind of propaganda and fear mongering being PURPOSEFULLY used to generate negativity to create a specific out come? Can it be used to Keep us from waking up spiritually to an extent?
    I am now seeing this as a tactic in and of it self.
    I have Long since connected and associated Alex Jones as a subversive asset.
    I take what he says with a grain of salt and try to see beyond the shroud. Never at face value.
    There IS a war on, your mind. But it may not be entirely what you thought.

    Think on these things.
    You are Not alone. Positive vibration can awaken you.
    Be well. ~ VARAKIENEN.

    1. VARy, no disrespect but you're the biggest loon in the internet. You have spot nothing but vague, transparent inconsistencies with little to no backup or proof of what you say. You see conspiracies within conspiracies and have even confused yourself on whats true and what is not.

      If you're a drinker (as I suspect) please quit for your health.

  3. For a few weeks now, I've also been having that feeling of something about to happen.

    Relevant: I was even awakened by a voice last week, during one of my visitation nights, essentially telling me that the volcanoes are waking up and that there will be a large amount of earthquakes and eruptions that will change the Earth very shortly/soon.

    1. Go back to sleep-you're dreaming.

    2. Just something interesting that seemed relevant is all.

    3. There's no need to be so negative.

  4. Sempre molto saggio Varakienen , bravo , non bisogna seminare paura .

    1. I would Love to know what this is in English. lol.

  5. Any how, I can see I hit a soft spot, when the Trolls are sent out to discredit.
    The point for them is Not to draw validity to the argument it self, but to try to demoralize or discredit the writer.
    This works on those of weak psychological constitution. (Bullying)
    It is also meant to manipulate the readers into disregarding the writers statements.
    Which again of course can work on weak minded unsuspecting readers.

    Now the question will remain, Which are You, when you read "This" and are thus made aware of such tactics?
    ~ Dont feed the trolls. They only tend to come out and play when you hit a soft spot.


  6. Varakienen always very wise, good, we must sow fear? (Translation)

    It is never my intent to sow fear. It is my intent to express caution, with open mindedness, and thinking out side the box.
    To lift the vale or shroud which has been built so cleverly for us for generations, and help people see beyond.
    Be well.


  7. Varakienen , non sono un troll .!
    La traduzione non è corretta !
    Trova un amico italiano e fatti aiutare , se puoi .
    (Varakienen usual very wise , good , it's better not to scatter fear) inglese orrendo , spero che Tu capisci

    1. Not you Franco.
      Your comments were accepted with Grace. Be well.

  8. Alex the Prophet Jones lmao yea right if anything he is just drawing from other people and trying to make it seem like he has some sort of mystical sense of the future


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