Mysterious Green Light Phenomenon appears above the Netherlands

On Tuesday, Blogger Harry Clipperton a resident of the City Groningen in the Netherlands made some pictures of the nature which he wanted to post it on his blog.

After returning home, he noticed something strange in one of his pictures what looks like a strange green light phenomenon in the sky.

Harry writes on his blog Groninganus ”At first I thought it is a camera error, dirt or water speck on the lens but it is clearly not. I remember there was a kind of flash at the moment I took the pictures so I decided it must have been lightning or maybe it’s a UFO.”

We may wonder whether it is a natural phenomenon, a man-made secret laser or beam project, like the Norway Spiral or is it something supernatural.


  1. Or a lens flare which is the most realistic answer.

  2. As a photographer with 20 years of experience I can assure you this is definitely a lens flare.

    1. As a regular guy who has more than a mili-ounce of grey matter for brains I can assure you, it's not a f*cken lense flare.

    2. Certainly does NOT look like a lens flare. The light is actually contoured to the cloud around what looks like a hole pierced in the cloud from the other side... Looks like a sudden burst of energy has blown the cloud vapour outwards.

  3. Looks like what one would see if a aircraft breaking the sound barrier the sonic bom

  4. This is crazy. I saw the same thing in Los angelses on the same day this picture was taken. I didn't think much of it until I seen this picture.!


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