Ancient remains on Mars: Head of animal figure with horns and other strange anomalies

The latest image captured by Opportunity mars rover shows a rock formation that hides some remarkable objects.

Without doubt some of the objects are just rocks but there also objects where you can put a question mark how it ended up there.

Below I have marked the objects in the original image.

To see the first three objects, I have put the images upside down.

1. Large image upside down shows a head of an animal figure with horns, probably remains of an ancient statue. 

2. Large image upside down shows a rock that looks like a sinister head. 

3. Large image upside down shows a head and corpse of an animal like a deer/antelope. It looks like the animal died recently. 

4. Image shows a small statue of an animal figure. 

5. Image shows a face carved into a rock.

Link original image:


  1. yeah, sorry. I Firmly believe in this stuff. but i dont See it Here.

  2. you can take a pic of any random pile of rocks and someone will see whatever they wish in it. if its definitive yea maybe but this is just wishful thinking here

  3. Funny what the people always mean to see!
    It is just our brain that always searches for known shapes.there is no human female or animals with horns.if we want to find something specific you can be sure our brain will find that shape everywhere!
    In clouds,stones,on the water...


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