June 15, 2015

Saturn’s Moon Tethys looks different! Something happened with Tethys?

The latest image of Tethys, one of Saturn’s Moons, looks different in comparing with the known images of the moon.

Streetcap1: “On images of Tethys in Google Search, I have yet to find this other Crater. The lower crater is visible but not this upper one. Maybe a case of misidentification by NASA and it's another moon entirely.”

A closer look indicates that the image has been tampered. 

NASA has put an image of another planet or moon over the original moon Tethys. 

Original Image.

As Streetcap1 says, maybe a case of misidentification, could be, but seems unlikely. Anyway they probably had a good reason to cover the original moon Tethys.

Video: A closer look at the unknown planet or Moon.


Original Image link: http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/jpegMod/PIA18318_modest.jpg

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