UFO which has the shape of a Bird spotted near the Sun – June 20, 2015

Once again NASA/SOHO images show a giant unidentified object, which has the shape of a bird, flying close to the Sun on June 20, 2015.

Obviously, this winged object is not a comet or an artifact of the image.



  1. Draco mothership (reptile species from Alpha draconis).
    Their presence in our solar system is not good for us!their hostile against human species.our future could be in danger.real danger.the greys called them to come here.and because of the americans who invited the greys for technology (antigrav) the cosmic law of non interference don't grip anymore.so other benevolent races like the andromedans,plejadians,tau cetians,sirians and others can't do anything!!!
    The dracos want to rule us.use our planet.it's a good one.
    So damn the human nature.our eagerness for power and technology will be our end.


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