Giant metallic square structure spotted on the surface of the Moon

Witness report: While taking pictures of the Moon for my daily Moon Phase portion of my blog on the 27th of July 2015, I noticed a giant metallic blue/green square structure on the surface of the Moon.

I took several pictures of the object, and found that it stayed stationary.

I have no idea what it was, however it didn't look like any part of natural landscape on the surface of the Moon.

After taking several photos of the Moon and object I checked out the photos taken on my computer and sure thing I found a structure on the surface of the Moon.

Left original first image - click image to enlarge. Link image 1 - Link image 2 - link image 3.

You will see it in the upper left side of the photos along the shadow line of the Moon. It is small in the photos, however to show up on my camera it must be a large object on the surface. Mufon case 68711-London, UK.

And it is not only the square structure which has been discovered. Lately strange things happen around the Moon.

The following clip from Crrow777 shows some weird lunar flashes or pulses that were shot in full spectrum. Also many weird anomalies dart through frame.

Crrow777 tracked the anomalies over many hours and always near the same area and side of the Moon, he said that he have never seen pulses like this before in all his years of lunar work.



  1. July 29th at 8:19 pm... Driving home in Hudson N.H. Looked up to the Moon and saw a huge golden streak go from right to left across the top 1/8th portion of the moon! I checked Mufon later and the following day to see if anyone else saw it. It was huge and not a plane... Can only compare it to a golden lightning strike but horizontal.

  2. I have been keeping an eye on that spot for quite some while. Just been waiting for someone to point make a better image than mine. I live in a frustrated bubble of lack of money due to chronic pain. So my equipment is not great in fact below basic for this sort of stuff and I have to use every ounce of knowledge to get the best from it. Moan over. Here is a link to my moon images. I have shown just one of that strange glow back in March and two from the other day. But just note equipment is crap. But I have done my best. Also you will have many more strange encounters with my pictures as over a period of a year I had many UFO's and entities flying over my house. The strange thing is no one wanted to investigate or take any interest. Beats me. Any how just proves that this strange building/structure has been there for some time

  3. folks there are different species on moon,underground here ,on mars and venus and moons of jupiter and saturn !!!!the green glow indicates that it is some type of antigrav propelled object.and near the moon atmosphere...otherwise there wouldn't be a glow.the glow is ionisation.ionisation only can be in an atmosphere!!there are more and more cube Ufos.around sun and so on...


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