Alien Head found in front of a freshly dug grave on Mars!

NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover has already photographed many ancient artifacts and other anomalies in the surrounding landscape.

And it is known that NASA pre-select the images before the images are released to the public, but I believe that in some images, they give hints to the planets past inhabitants.

Did NASA gives another hint that that Mars was once inhabited by ancient humanoid civilizations?

The latest NASA image photographed by Curiosity’s Mast Cam Left on August 13, 2015 clearly shows a freshly dug grave with an alien head in front of it.

I think the alien head is a carved rock that symbolizes the being who has recently been buried in a shallow grave on the planet Mars.

About the grave, the sand or ground is being leveled upon the grave and it looks freshly if you compare it with the surrounding landscape. Furthermore, the ground around the grave is flattened as a marker.

If NASA wants to give us hints of past intelligent life on Mars is OK, but what if this grave and the symbolic alien head in front of the grave is evidence that Mars is still inhabited by some sort of ‘humanoid’ civilization who has recently buried a deceased member of their race.

Maybe NASA has a reasonable explanation in response to this unusual spot on Mars?

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