Did NASA Send Astronauts To Another Planet?

Does the secret UFO report from the 1970's prove that NASA sent astronauts to another planet to meet with aliens?

Secret Project Serpo: 10 men and 2 women were going to travel to planet Serpo. Serpo is rumoured to be located in Zeta Reticuli, which is the famous solar system where a young couple were allegedly taken to after they were abducted in 1961.

Project Serpo was financed by the DIA, CIA, NASA and US Air Force and planned to data about extraterrestrial life.

What they found was a hot, almost inhospitable environment.

13 years later the mission was complete… but only 8 of the 12 astronauts returned to Earth.

UFO investigator Nogel Watson believes that 2 of the astronauts remained on planet Serpo, and 2 died during the mission. Shortly after their return to Earth, it’s reported that the final 8 succumbed to the same fate as their 2 friends – they all died from exposure to planet Serpo’s high radiation levels.

A botched mission, dangerous amounts of radiation brought to Earth and 10 astronauts dead.

A superconducting shield for astronauts.

Is it coincidence that a team at CERN is working with the European Space Radiation Superconducting Shield (SRsS) project to develop a superconducting magnet that could protect astronauts from cosmic radiation during deep-space missions.

The idea is to create an active magnetic field to shield spacecraft from high-energy particles.

During long-duration trips in space and in the absence of the magnetosphere that protects people living on Earth, astronauts are bombarded with high-energy cosmic rays that might cause a significant increase in the probability of various types of cancers.

According to CERN’s publication, deep space missions will only become realistically possible if an effective solution for adequately shielding astronauts is found.

Project Serpo seems to have a ring of truth to it, and one that has been circulating among UFO researchers for more than 20 years but can we accept Project Serpo as a fact or is it just fiction?

If project Serpo is true and the 10 NASA astronauts died from exposure to high radiation levels then it is likely that CERN has been informed by NASA and then it is no coincidence that CERN is very busy to create a superconducting shield for astronauts to protect them from cosmic radiation during their deep-space missions.

NASA’s project Serpo and the strange activity at CERN indicates that cosmic radiation is a real danger for astronauts, but it does not answer the question how the astronauts from the secret space fleet (Project Solar Warden) are protected against cosmic radiation, as till now, they have no solution, given the activity at CERN.



  1. High probability of this being true as they have had contact with other life forms for decades.

  2. Where is this planet "serpo"? How far is it? We dont have or ever had anything to reach the speed need to get there.

    1. It's in the zeta reticuli star system... perhaps you should look further into the expansion of technology given to our government and other countries by different alien races.... or just continue to say things like what you just have... idk what possess you to read such articles with suchildren narrow veiws.

    2. What you Mean to say, Gerry, is that we don't have any technology capable of thus, that we have been INFORMED of.
      but, having reverse engineered alien crash, craft tech for,.... lets see now, wow, roughly 70 yrs now, since the mid 40s, how is it you "don't" Think they have the tech, and If they did, WHY on gods green earth would they Tell YOU, or share it with YOU. or admit that there are aliens that have more power and tech than They whom have been visiting for many millennia?
      Time to put the sandwich down, stop drinking fluoridated water, and do a little personal research their buddy.
      Ill start you off, by helping you see whats been kept from you. Google WTC7.

  3. already proven this was a hoax. Google it

    1. What exactly am I googling here? be precise. what was a Hoax?

  4. Nasa? No. Solar Warden...? YES.
    Google it.

  5. Did you even watch the cern video unfee the article.... that's hands down one of the most interesting illuminati style videos ever made. Made by none other than some of the brightest minds to ever walk this earth... evil lookin mother effers if you ask me... good video ... watch it.


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