Do Crops Circles Prove Aliens Exist?

Mysterious crop circles have been spotted in wheat fields across the world for decades.

With no witnesses to see them being made and reports of strange glowing lights hovering above them, could crop circles be the proof that aliens exist?



  1. The beauty of Crop Circles is they can not be edited and controlled by NASA. Yes they certainly do prove the existence of advanced beings.

  2. Its a BAD video for purposes of Learning about Crop circles.
    How Ever, its Good to add such a video to your reference base, as One must see the debate from Both sides to properly create a filter for what is real, and what is not. what is propaganda, distraction and misinformation, what is cleverly worded and edited footage to condition and instill ridicule and disbelief. Versus, that which is worded to make you a believer.
    This video for instance leaves out entirely, How one can determine which formations are genuine, and which are faked.
    There are easy methods and real researches can determine a fake from a real formations often at a glance, but easily within a few minutes of close examination.

    ~ Varakienen.


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