Huge Beam of Light appears above Earth captured during ISS Live Stream

Witness: I was on the NASA ISS live feed, about 5 minutes after watching a sort of portal, wormhole or beam of light like object appeared above the earth and in seconds yet from one side of the earth to the other.

I managed to capture one screenshot before NASA cut the live feed. I continued to wait for the feed to come back hoping for another chance to see the object, but it was gone when the feed came back up.

However, about 10 minutes after the feed was up again, another swirling object appeared but then the feed changed again.

Portal, Beam of Light, Cloaked UFO??

I have questioned NASA and everyone that I could in regard, to the object with no response. I feel these objects are very significant and need to be shared. Mufon case 69795, Date: 2015-08-26. 

Update: August 30, 2015.
Streetcap1 managed to record the strange beam of light.



  1. Black knight satellite !
    Shape matches and maybe jumped in here again...

  2. Its probably nothing....Swamp gas is most likely scenario. Or perhaps a high altitude weather baloon with glow sticks taped to it.

    1. LOL. Thanks for the levity. This stuff's been intense, welcomed, but intense. Thanks again. :-)

  3. Weather balloon or reflection from the sun in windows

  4. my husband just see this!! outside, like 2 camera flashes right by appears to be a constellation-- lyra?
    hes worrying, any ideas what it is?

  5. Fantastic capture! Glad we got to see it!

  6. could be methane from the astronauts.....


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