Off-planet inorganic Artificial Intelligence mobilizes in 2015 for planetary takeover

In a segment characterized by “unprecedented technical interference” on EverBeyond Radio and Wolf Spirit Radio with host Jay Pee, futurist Alfred Lambremont Webre has stated that the date of 2045, publicly promoted as the “Singularity” where Human and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are equivalent, is actually an intentional deception by an off-planet sentient inorganic Artificial Intelligence (“AIx”) that is now attempting to renew its own extinguished biology by taking over Earth and individual humans.

That off-planet Artificial Intelligence AIx is, by the evidence, mobilizing now in 2015 (not 2045) for planetary and human takeover and end-game closer in coordination with a series of on-planet technological AIs (such as the AI known as the “Red Queen”) that have been secretly transferred to Matrix Elites by Draco reptilians for managing human economic and other systems.



  1. One question: Show some proof!

    1. I believe Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal are on the case

  2. It is true, only Tom Cruise can save us now

  3. Bring it on. This planet is full of biological crazies. Willing to kill anything thing that moves. Technology or not, ruthlessness and ego are a dangerous combination. ET, fear the walking monkey in the meat suit!!!!!!!!

  4. Professor Russell believes that it is necessary to guarantee that robots have the same values as we humansbest virtual assistant program


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