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Strange Beams of Lights are seen all around the World!

People all around the world take photos of strange beams of light. Why are they appear and what is the meaning of them?

Most of these beams of light shot up from the clouds as if a battery of gigantic searchlights are searching the landscape and are identical to a vertical band of light, like the famous beam of light emanating from the peak of the Kukulkan Pyramid photographed by Hector Siliezar on July 24, 2009, while on vacation in Mexico.

It seems unlikely that all these beams are just natural phenomena, camera malfunction or a digital cam glitch.

Could it be that the sun’s solar radiation interacts deep within the Earth’s magnetic field adhering to the planet’s magnetic lines and what we see as a beam of light are in fact the ionized particles charged from the sun’s solar wind or is there something going on?

The next image of the sunrise was taken during a flight from San Francisco to Phoenix on August 17, 2015.

At first glance a beautiful image of the sunrise, but there is something strange to see in this image.

At first you see that the sun emits a streak of light which ends up in a circle, like a wormhole or portal. Then below the circle, in the right corner of the picture, a yellow unknown object and there is an unknown object that can be seen straight above the sun.

The witness stated that he was sitting in the last seat on aircraft with camera pointed towards the tail away from wings and that a pilot who sat beside him also couldn’t explain the strange objects as shown in the image. Mufon case 69495. Link to image.

The unknown object above the sun is a Second Sun or a UFO that uses the Sun as a portal and the yellow object is it's scout ship?

The yellow object is not a sun flare or a reflection of the camera as sun flares/reflections are looking quite different. See image left of sun flares/reflections.

Is it coincidence that all these beams and strange objects near the sun become visible in the same period and is it that alien races are responsible for the strange lights in the sky?

Are they stabilizing the earth with these beams as Nibiru/Planet X is closing in?

The latest large beams are photographed in South Fort Myers Florida, USA on August 15, 2015 and in Civitavecchia Italy on August 10, 2015.


  1. I'm sure they are up to something specific. My guess is adjustments to the plasma core.

  2. I hope this is not in preparation for Project Bluebeam.

  3. I have a picture of a blue sphere with four lights within it also....

  4. These beams were seen in the 19th century too, so don't be to quick to attach a conspiracy theory to it!

  5. I have seen this phenomenon twice in my life, both times coming down in farm fields in Illinois late at night. Clearly no farm implements out at the time.

  6. i knew that i was not alone on this one ! i saw it today for like 4 sec pull my phone out but it was too late ... shame that was scary stuff ...

  7. i saw it to day for like some sec ...shame i did not took a photo i was on miami beach it came out a cloud too ....

  8. It's called a "rolling shutter" artifact caused by cameras flash. Go back to sipping your lattes.

    1. if it was a camera flash why did they see it without a device

  9. My wife has a picture of one that comes down at about 45 degrees then back the other way at about the same angle and it was there for 3 minutes and was much wider than the straight ones. Her and our daughter watched it the entire time so how is that a camera malfunction?

  10. Not a camera thing. I live in south Florida and had no camera in my hand and saw a faint one of these with my own eyes, no camera in hand.

  11. Yesterday afternoon there was a beam of light coming from the sky into my pool. My son first noticed it on our surveillance camera. He came and told me "A light from the sky is taking our water" and that's exactly what it looked like! I have no idea what it was, this was something I've never ever seen before! My cameras do record so I do have it saved. I'm located in Cicero Illinois, maybe others in the area seen this strange light too.

  12. I personally with my own eyes seen the beam of light with my family in the back of Deltona. It's not a camera glitch.

  13. I along with my boyfriend and few family members seen the beam of light in the back of deltona. No lights around.

  14. I have several pics of a straight beam of light coming down from the clouds which stayed there for 25 minutes. The pics were taken in 2015 in Brisbane Australia.

  15. I saw a verticle beam of light about a week ago, in Allen Park (Detroit), Michigan, USA. It was late afternoon/early evening. The sky was slightly dark due to rain clouds in the distance. The beam of light only lasted less than a second.


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