UFO create strange effect in a lake in Costa Rica

Many people have seen unidentified flying objects hovering over the water.

The video below shows a strange phenomenon in a lake of Costa Rica on July 29, 2015.

The witness wonders if the effect on the water is caused by an unknown object that hovers above the lake.



  1. I find it amazing that with all the high tech hi def equipment out there no one can shoot a sharp clear image of a ufo.
    the disturbance in the water is caused by a school of fish

  2. the more a Ufo photo is out of focus,the more it is genuine !the field propulsion disturbs always the picture!!
    Of course the ship only.not the whole photo!
    Sure,could be fake.by so many jerks that love to do those hoaxes we can never know,but i know quite a lot about the propulsion and you can expand the sphere shape field around the ship.even focus on a point like this circle.if an object hovers above water with that antigrav propulsion it bends the surface downwards.these fields are very very powerfull folks !!


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