Massive V Shaped Cloud and Cigar-Shaped UFO emits Light Beam over California

Strange and unexplained events in the skies above California in the night of the Supermoon/Lunar eclipse.

Here are the witness reports:

Case 1:
I and a group of people from my neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA were gathered at a street corner in an attempt to view the Sept. 28 lunar eclipse and "blood moon" event.

We saw the lunar disc disappear and waited several moments for the next phase, but after about 20 minutes with nothing much happening, compounded by high clouds, all my companions departed.

I remained hoping to see the lunar disc return, but then noticed, in the darkness sky, a strange, faint cloud grouping almost directly across my viewing position and seemingly positioned above a house chimney.

I could just make up strange angles vary dissimilar from the other basically horizontal cloud formations.

Using my Samsung Android Note II cellphone I took several photos. Within a few minutes the "cloud formation" had dissolved.

Then when looking at the cellphone photos, it revealed a more detailed image including those that also showed a sharp beam of light seemingly emitted from the tip of the rocket shaped central body and a pair of what looked very much like large whale flippers protruding from its sides.

There were no sounds heard. Since distance was unknown, size was also unknown, though the impression was of large dimensions.

Many years ago I was a MUFON field investigator and had witnessed some anomalous events while serving in that function. I had not witness anything of this nature for quite some time. My objective impression was that it could be some compilation/visual trick of cloud and light interactions, but my subjective impression was otherwise... an anomaly of unusual proportions on several levels and certainly a pleasure to experience. Mufon case 70931.

Case 2:
Driving home after dinner with wife and baby... time was 8:40pm September 27, 2015 and while driving north on CA 133 from Laguna Beach CA to Irvine CA (Quail Hill) area, noticed a massive V shaped cloud over a what appears to be a very large area of southern Orange County.

My wife took several photos of which one has been included. I had to adjust lighting/contrast to get the V to become visible. The photo was taken with an iPhone and because it was dark outside, it is not too clear.

I observed the cloud for about an hour as it was stationery. Both sides of the V were identical in length and in thickness. The "cloud" seemed to be separated from surrounding clouds by a clear margin all the way around, as if the V was pushing aside all other cloud.

During the hour that I was watching the "V", the low level clouds around it would change shape, move away, dissipate and do normal cloud things, except the "V" always stood still and always managed to maintain a margin of clear sky around it. Mufon case 70928.

Also many people in the Orange (92869) area in California witnessed the mysterious V-shaped cloud (see image above) and images of the V-cloud were taken in Carson, California, see video below.



  1. Dozens of people throughout Anaheim Hills took incredible photos of this, much clearer, more distinct. The V was perfect for about 35 minutes.

  2. great photos!
    These V shaped ships are reptilians. I ask myself why they more and more show up while astronomical events do occur, like the eclipse in mexico in the 90th,while the perseides past by! A similar v shaped ship flew over phoenix (the phoenix lights),maybe the same,while comet "halebob" flew overhead!! They surely know that people went outside to look up and watch those events. Do they want to bring our minds in the direction of accepting their reallity?
    All the giant motherships around our sun also,although they know we're watching the sun all the time by the solar dynamics observatory (SDO)!!
    Now at pluto.our actual observation planetary body.the sattelite is there now and a lot of stuff occurs suddenly around pluto...
    As if they want to teach us "hey folks we're here!" - accept it!!

    1. I accept it! It was completely clear up here in southern Manitoba Canada the night of the blood moon eclipse and I SAW THE V ! It was silent and calm, no wind. Just as the last sliver of the moon was going behind the shadows the stars started darting back and forth in front of it, I was thinking satellites maybe?? and I was watching intently and that's when the V floated right by just above the tree tops- close to me. I was like wow! please come back! I wanna see you!

  3. they been here for millennial and we humans are building our owns now

  4. Those are fallstreak clouds! Sorry to disappoint you. It is not a ship, it is just water vapor.

  5. Are you sure Emerald? It could be swamp gas, or a weather baloon!!....oh wait no maybe its horizontal cumulus clouds with a v shaped wind pattern blowimg through with startlight in the background and a moon reflection refracting off of a sattelite. Your debunking game is weak sauce. Your a donky.

  6. I just did a google image search of fallstreak clouds in hopes to find something remotely close. I couldent find a single image that looks like that. Please share your images and knowledge of this.

  7. I saw this. A highly suspicious and very unique phenomenon, being that a giant V shape was in the layer of clouds. It was so distinct that I forgot all about the Lunar Eclipse happening simultaneously. Now I can easily write off if it was in an X formation. One would suspect that it was two jets crossing paths, leaving an X at the intersection. But even that raises suspicion because it is so isolated. There was a line partially going towards the "V" but its alignment was off. Everything about this just doesn't add up. I'm left baffled and highly suspicious.

    My photos came out great. You can see then on my blog page at


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