Mysterious Light Appears In the Sky Near Atlas Rocket Launch In Florida

If you live in Florida you’d be forgiven for momentarily thinking that the world was going to end earlier this week – or, at least, that someone extra special was about to visit our planet.

Locals witnessed a spectacular and highly unusual blue teardrop slowly moving across the sky during the early hours.

Sadly, the truth isn’t that exciting.

The object was, in fact, an Atlas V rocket taking a US Navy military satellite into space following launch from nearby Cape Canaveral in the early hours.

The most interesting object in the frame was to the right of the plume. The orb stays in one spot until it slowly floats down toward the Atlas Rocket Plume!



  1. Y'all going to believe that total rubbish?

  2. we all know how a rocket looks like at night.the bright orange shiny flame and the shape of it.
    This here doesn't match in every aspect!
    The white intense glow indicates "ionisation"!
    The shape is more of a porthole and ionisation proofs a enormous charge.
    I say it's a "short cut"! a wormhole type phenomenon.the orb came probably from it. more and more stuff is going on.UFOs around the sun.enormous sizes.enormous numbers.more and more ionisationed objects (portals?!) like the circle over moscow or rumenia!
    more and more often "ETs attacks the earth" movies in TV!as if an education program is going on to prepare publics minds of coming events... ?? who knows...we'll experience what will occur

    1. Not all rockets are born equal. Calm yourself. It is a rocket. Atlas V looks just like this and it depends on conditions and several factors for how exactly it will appear.


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