Orange Object in sky behind brilliant white cloud above Phoenix, Arizona

Witness report: On September 21, 2015 I walked outside after a storm, the sky was a dark bluish color, but I noticed a beautiful brilliant white cloud.

It looked out of place in its whiteness, so I ran inside to get my cellphone to get a picture.

I love taking pictures of storm clouds, but when I saw the pictures I had taken, I was very surprised at the yellow orange shape that came out behind the white cloud, as that had not been visible at all during my picture taking.

I looked again and I still could not see it, but after snapping another picture, saw that it was still there. Mufon case 70720.


  1. right after a storm? Interesting!
    I think that all these weather conditions and strange events are artificial made. Weather conditions of unusual strength at unusual places and regions may be the product of the subterran reptoids.
    The picture here is a little proof and many Ufo pictures were shot after storms and heavy rain.even the female reptoid that gave the "lacerta interview" said that a "war" may be direct confrontation but weather catastrophs which we think are natural

  2. I saw it had me mesmerize


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