Possible Reptile Fossil Found On Mars

The skeletal remains of a possible martian creature have been found on the red planet by the Mars Curiosity Rover.

Paranormal Crucible: Although i have extensively colorized this artifact in an effort to bring out any details its quite clear that this is indeed the petrified remains of a martian creature possibly prehistoric in nature.



  1. OMG! That is the best I have seen yet! That is an actual skeleton! Very impressive catch.

  2. So VERY Many problems with this.
    First, the excessive use of photo shop to "bring out' or bring attention to details, is Not enhancing details. its creating New ones, which take away credibility. This can be seen in the opening image where all 3 images can be seen together. The details become changed, not brought out.
    Next, the spine like detail, can be seen else where in other places in rock formations in the larger picture. does that make Them fossils too?
    Suggesting that it is a Komodo dragon is inappropriate. First, ive seen the skeletal remains of komodo dragon, and this looks Nothing like it. Thats poor propaganda.
    Its a poor comparison at all.
    I do Not know What this formation is or is Not. But I am Not inclined to "automatically" believe that it is fossilized or skeletal remains.
    Even though i Do believe there is Life on mars, has been life on mars.
    ~ Varakienen.

  3. If you believe this bullshit from NASA you gotta wake up. All these photos are taken here on earth lol..


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