UFO Portal Reported Over Canary Islands

A possible UFO, probe and portal have been photographed over the town of Teguise in the Canary Islands.

Paranormal Crucible: "The images which were posted to my Facebook page and have been reported to the Mutual UFO Network appear to show a disc shaped UFO hovering near the Saint Francis Convent."



  1. amazing clear shot!
    What a pity that the dome,the upper part isn't visible. that a look at the occupant/s could be done. Because the shape is a bit alike of the "omega community"! The totally isolated people of the "vril society", their descendents.
    But the shiny surface seem to be of another alloy they use for their ships

  2. Please just say it's a UFO and don't go off on these bizarre theories! It makes the UFO community look bad!


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