Bright green cone shaped UFO seen above Mount Cagliato in Italia

During my daily early morning check on internet for seismic events in the Mediterranean area, today (30 October, 2015) I noticed in the INGV (Italian National Geology and Vulcanology) these pictures running from 0642 to 0654 hrs local where a green cone shaped bright object appeared clearly.

Then, at 0700 hrs and later, the object was not seen any longer.

The area where the object is seen is the peak of the volcano where several active vents open and which has undergone considerable morphological change during the past few years.

The thermal digital pictures were taken by the EMCT (Mount Cagliato thermal images) camera.

Another picture in visible light at 0700 hrs local at the EMOV seismic station shows Etna's peak under snow which fell during stormy weather this night. Mufon case 72000.



  1. I guess volcanos are being used as exit/entry options.thats why the sulfur smell is often reported.the occupants are living underground,as subterran species!greys and
    reptoids. Their subterran network is connected and always being expanded till under our feets everything is drilled!!
    That they use the volcanos as exit and reentry passages shows the clip of the mexican colima webcam,were a cigar shaped craft (quite large!) is flying right into colimas peak pretty fast,but it's still clearly visible when slowed down.
    Jaime Maussan,mexicans most famous UFO researcher and called the "60 minute man",commits oneself to this unique catch of the 24h live cam, where the "greys abduction laboratory" in cigar shape, shoots into the volcano...the clip was examined by experts and it was confirmed that it's no optical effect. The craft is actually flying right into colimas peak!!
    The volcanos are being observed and investigated also by Ufos for erruptions, geological movements and for raw materials, escpacially copper!! Which is brought up from deep inside by erruptions and absolutely needed for specific technologies!!!
    Thats why mexico is that hotspot...copper and fantastic deep cavern systems.
    Every mountain regions global have deep cavern systems underneath, naturely!
    Himalaya, Rocky mountains, Andes, Alpes (europe), ural (ukraine), kilimandscharo and fujiyama in japan. Chinas mountains also...
    At present days they expand their newest base under poland. And actually we're seeing Ufos in these region and reports come up more and more...


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