Clear disc-like UFO photographed in the sky over Sofia, Bulgaria

A remarkable clear UFO has been photographed above Sofia, Bulgaria on October 8, 2015.

Witness who took the picture said: "I was taking a picture of some new skyscraper in the area, then suddenly this disc like UFO appeared over the city and moved very fast. It made sharp turns and was extremely fast."

"I thought I had to take a picture of it so I did. I took about 10-15 photos, but only one came out non blurry, as the object was stationary at that time. After this it shot up into the sky and disappeared." Mufon case 71373.


  1. fake !!
    genuine Ufo photos show a blurred object out of focus because of the field around the ship.the more a photo shows plain contures like this one here the more a hoax is probably done !
    Even when the ship is hovering there must be some impression of the shape is bending on one side of the object. By using EM field for propulsion there are always some optical effects like blurred contures, bended form or one side elongated!
    The "Adamski Ufo" film (the bell shaped) is a good one were all these gravitational and optical effects can be seen!!
    But this one here...i don't buy it...

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