Project Camelot: Illuminati Declare War and Planet X 2016

This is a wild and uncompromising ride into the illuminati playing field where they are using this interview along with the Taylor Swift video/song "Bad Blood" to announce the split in their ranks and a declaration of war between them.

This is Kerry Lynn Cassidy’s 2nd interview with Kameran Felly, a banker and physicist who worked for many years in high level finance for the Illuminati - City of London.

He is expanding on his last interview, in great detail regarding Planet X and the current financial war impacting all aspects of our lives.

Below the first Kameran interview.


  1. if this planet is real and coming into solar system 2016,it will bring massive climatic changes.a lot of comets,asteroids and all stuff thats pulled into it's gravitational field and maybe hit earth.
    Who knows if not all these climatic extremes are because of his entry.earthquakes,storms and weather caprioles could be a consequence of planet x!
    And if our earth will not longer be a place to live in, we wouldn't go on any longer with our bullshit lifestyle! long we prefer profit and money and power and control,all these poor primitive behavior without respect for nature,each other and resources i don't want humans to survive.
    I hope planet x is real and coming,kicking in our asses and wake up our minds

  2. I can assure you, it is very real! My husband and I just recently learned about Planet-X or Nibiru and nemesis and its solar system. So, My husband decided to take some photos of the sunset at his work here in North Georgia and he was shocked to find much more in his photos than just the sun. In one photo, there was definately an orbital planet at about the 1-2 o'clock position, top-right of sun. Couple mins later, he got a shot of 2 plaets lined in front of one another at top-left of sun at about the 10-11 o'clock position. This in North Georgia, USA at around 7-7:30 p.m. or so. He was on supper break. Then, another picture shows a HUGE, reddish haze sphere of a planet (not as solidly clear as the other 3 planet photos), that can be seen behind the suns top like the reddish one is a quarter of the planet peaking just above the back of the sun as it is setting at horizon level. Coming off of the top of, what I believe is, the HUGE Nibiru planet is what looks like a massive reddish debris type shadow reaching just crazy high above Nibiru at a slight right angle. The shadow looked like someone who blew up a baloon and the shape like a pear or tear drop, in the photo. When I figure out how to get the photos off of the phone and onto my computer, I will post it on my youtube channel at Amazing Bible Secrets Revealed: (excuse any typoes please. Thanks!

    1. Its 2017 now and nothing happened, this is bs because there was a thing about planet x back in 2005


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