Stewart Swerdlow - CERN, Blue Beam, Aliens and the Portal to Hell

How many extraterrestrials are visiting Earth?

Is the Project: Blue Beam alien in origin?

In the video below, Stewart Swerdlow unveils the truth about our sun, our solar system, space travel, the government lies, CERN and much more.

He also talks about our planets history and future.

Stewart Swerdlow.

Stewart was born in Long Island New York in the late 1950's, and from an early age, remembers encounters with Alien beings. In fact, some were not even humanoid.

His birth was even more bizarre. The doctors told his mother there was no chance she would ever have children and yet, Stewart was born. Even today, his birth is a mystery.

While in high school, Stewart was picked up at night by, what he initially thought, Extra Terrestrials, and brought to Montauk.

Later on, he learned his hijackers were military officials working under the guise of E.T.'s.

Because of Stewart's "special" characteristics, he became part of the Montauk genetic experiment program.

He later learned that only 1% of the people in that program ever survived. 

Stewart became sort of an abnormality with special skills. These skills were used extensively as a programmer of the Montauk boys. While at Montauk, Stewart knew of Al Bielek. He confirms that Al was the Psychic Program Manager while he was there.

In 1983, when the Montauk Station was destroyed (however later built), Stewart went into a tailspin. He believes the station had a lock on him and in some sense controlled him. When the lock was released he lost his identity.

Over the last 17 years, Stewart has been working hard to successfully regain his identity. He was put in Federal Prisons to persuade him not to talk about his past.

What is unique to Stewart is that he never lost his memories of his experience at Montauk.

Presently, Stewart is teaching others how to use the techniques used at Montauk for positive purposes. He teaches seminars on how to align and enhance the mental capabilities of his students.



  1. Critical thinking here people! :-) Love. Attempting to divide and conquer. The US is the holy land of the galaxy. Mr Stewart never states why we are feared by 17000 different alien species. He draws us to the end citing that an attempt to breakdown the unity of man through bunk racism and politicism. He states an.attempt to destroy the unity of the Catholic church. Catholic is Greek for Universal. Jesus the Christ vibrational frequency of the highest towards the ultimate creator of the galaxy. All things done through Jesus and the wisdom of love, light, and unity of fellow humans through brotherhood. We can unite and grow the

  2. We can grow our God and most holy and strongest of Powers . We are created closer to God than any other creature and that is why we are feared. Together through Love consciousness and light power, our true divine state of being we can save our cosmopolitan human race and sacred planet. Take the power back! Love.thyself first. In Jesus name.

  3. Why would anyone believe the rubbish and lies of Stewart Swerdlow? All anyone has to do is go and research his backstories and you will realize Stewart Swerdlow is a liar, a fraud, a con artist and a deceiver of the worst kind. This presentation Swerdlow did is terrible and is full of his usual lies and distortions. Go to the Bielek Debunked website: and you will find that because the story of the Philadelphia Experiment was entirely fabricated by Al Bielek the connections to the fictional Montauk Project were never there in the first place. This means the Montauk Project was nothing more than a huge fabrication by Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron and Stewart Swerdlow.

    Therefore someone like the conman, scammer, delusional narcissist, wannabe fantasist and disinformer Stewart Swerdlow from St. Josephs, Michigan is most definitely not what he seems. Swerdlow is a charlatan who has no empathy or true understanding of his clients or ex-clients problems. Many of Swerdlow's ex-clients already had psychological problems to begin with and he mentally abused them, instead of helping them.

    Stewart Swerdlow and his wife, Janet Swerdlow peddle their plagiarized New Age disinformation upon mentally vunerable individuals who reach out for help and when they go to Expansions, Stewart and Janet simply dupe and hoodwink them, so both the Swindlows can take money from them. Stewart Swerdlow reuses other peoples information and pretends he learnt it from hyperspace, or the non-existent fake Montauk Project. Swerdlow is really a deceiver and a charlatan who has zero psychic or clairvoyant abilities.

    Swerdlow states on his Expansions website that he the world's foremost 'hyperspace intuitive' and yet every single ex-client of theirs who has given a testimony on Stewart Swerdlow realize he is a total fake, has no psychic abilities whatsoever and is a stage act pretending to be someone special, which is all part of his marketing gimmick. Look what Duncan M. Roads, the Nexus Magazine editor has stated many times about Stewart Swerdlow on forums all over the internet. Swerdlow is a very deviant swindler.

    Anyone who criticizes Stewart Swerdlow is then seen by him as a wannabe, jealous of his lifestlye, or is a jobless loser. From what ex-clients have stated Stewart Swerdlow was a heavy drinker of Russian vodka and a heavy smoker, who shows a lot of jealously towards truly spiritual people, and was jobless for many years before he got a job as a carer. So Swerdlow is also a total hypocrite who seemingly is referring to himself when he makes such silly comments. Many ex-clients who have attended his useless workshops have mentioned that Swerdlow drunk vodka from a plastic beaker because he was so nervous.

    Swerdlow is not classed as being a serious or valid psychic or clairvoyant and when he states he can speak 12 languages including German and Russian, and then attends a conference in Germany in 2011 and needs a translator onstage because Stewart Swerdlow cannot actually speak German whilst the red dye he has put in his hair and beard are clearly visible, then you know Swerdlow is a fraud. Then when Swerdlow does a stupid video with a green screen around him, with an image of the Kremlin on it and then parrot fashion speaks clearly rehearsed Russian he has learned from revising the words from Rosetta Stone language software, you know Swerdlow is a total charlatan.

    Swerdlow has invented his entire persona and never even had a great-uncle called Yakov Sverdlov in Soviet Russia, because Stewart Swerdlow's family never originated from Russia in the first place because researchers have done his genealogy. Swerdlow's family originated from Belarus and Poland. Yakov Sverdlov was also never the first head of state of the Soviet Communist Party in Russia because the Soviet Union was not established until 1922. So it becomes clear that Stewart Swerdlow just makes up endless false backstories to give himself a persona that is really based upon nothing but fakery.

  4. Stewart Swerdlow is clearly a fantasist with a huge sense of his own fake self-importance. From the research done on the bullshit that Alfred Bielek made up about the Philadelphia Experiment and the way the Bielek Debunked website spent 10 years of research proving Bielek was a total fraud, now everyone knows the Montauk Project could never have taken place either. The B.S. birth of the Montauk Project came from Preston Nichols and the johnny-come-lately fraud, fake, con artist and scammer Stewart Swerdlow then reinvented himself by lying and stating he was involved with the Montauk Project. Swerdlow the Swindler is a total fake who cannot speak 12 languages and when he was in Frankfurt, Germany in September 2015 doing a seminar, Swerdlow was rude and nasty to the German organizers there. As usual the egocentric fraudster Swerdlow told the German organizers that he could speak 12 languages fluently, including German. Yet when Swerdlow got to Germany he told them he would need a translater on stage. What a joke that man is.

    When Swerdlow states that Yakov Sverdlov was his great-uncle this is completely untrue and also Yakov Sverdlov was certainly not the first head of state of the Soviet Communist Party in Russia. Swerdlow is a total idiot because the Soviet Union was not established until 1922 and Yakov Sverdlov died in 1919. It just shows what a silly man Swerdlow is. What is truly shocking is how gullible people believe the wannabe Swerdlow and his fake backstories. In this video Swerdlow the Swindler is on stage lying to the audience and telling them he had another relative involved in founding some sort of the Communist Party. What a ridiculous individual Swerdlow is. A fake man who is simply a con artist.

    In this video Stewart Swerdlow pretends he some kind of profound individual when in reality he is duping and hoodwinking the audience as usual with other people's information that Swerdlow the faker has plagiarized and then repackages as his own. Why does no one ask Swerdlow to prove he is a 'hyperspace intuitive'? He has zero clairvoyant abilities and pretty much all Swerdlow's ex-clients know he and his wife Janet, are fakes and deceivers. If only people would go and research Swerdlow they would realize how many ex-clients he has scammed and caused psychological distress to. His fraudster wife, Janet pretends she is an 'oversoul intuitive' and has never once proven she has any right to state that because both the Swerdlows are total liars and they both know that they are.

  5. Since 1992 when Stewart Swerdlow decided he would reinvent himself as the wannabe from the Montauk Project he has constantly changed his bogus backstory. Swerdlow used to tell everyone that he was taken to Montauk Point as a child and then was recruited as an adult. Now Swerdlow has merged both backstories into one totally fake stupid backstory. The only individual who had any trace of authenticity was Preston Nichols. People like Alfred Bielek, Duncan Cameron and Stewart Swerdlow have always been frauds and fakes. Many researchers behind the scenes in the New Age Movement know that Swerdlow is a con artist, scammer and deceiver who deliberately spreads constant disinformation and was never part of the Montauk Project, which itself was a psy-op cover for many other secret research projects that were going on. Stewart Swerdlow is not a hyperspace intuitive and is nothing more than a total fraud and swindler. Swerdlow would never stand on stage and attempt to scan people's auras and DNA because he has absolutely no clairvoyant abilities as all of Swerdlow's ex-clients have mentioned many times and as many attendees at his crap seminars have also begun to realize. If Swerdlow did stand on stage everybody would realize he is a charlatan and a clown is just dupes and hoodwinks people.

    Swerdlow also would never stand on stage and actually be able to fluently speak any of the 12 languages he is proficient in because Swerdlow has zero foreign language speaking skills. Whenever Swerdlow speaks any foreign words he has only ever been seen at seminars in France and Germany carrying a phrase book in his jacket and always has a translator on stage, and as you have mentioned, this also happened in Frankfurt, Germany in September 2015. Stewart Swerdlow is a total and utter fake, con man and bullshit merchant of the worst kind. When Swerdlow stands on stage at a podium and uses his usual act of pretending he has profound wisdom to share with the audience, remember one thing. Swerdlow simply plagiarized his information, like he did with the Kuiper Belt Aliens material. None of that was Swerdlow's. The problem with Mr. Stewart Swerdlow is because he is so egocentric, he is always reinventing and embellishing all his backstories and in the end Swerdlow has simply contradicted himself so much that people have begun to notice what a complete liar and deceiver he actually is.

    One thing that Swerdlow does to keep promoting his fake persona is to go on radio shows like Coast To Coast AM and waffle on about the Montauk Project and repeat his usual rehearsed fake backstory to the listeners. If those same listeners to Coast To Coast AM had been at the Global Sciences Congress (GSC) in February 1999, in Daytona, Florida when Stewart Swerdlow openly revealed to Alfred Bielek, Duncan Roads and many other witnesses that he wanted to develop his fake backstory and link it to the Philadelphia Experiment they would switch off and no longer listen to Swerdlow's fantasy world. Everything Swerdlow presents is other people's information repackaged with his lingo, buzz words and synthetic intrigue. If Stewart Swerdlow really was a hyperspace intuitive why is it that every prediction Swerdlow has ever made as been 100 percent wrong? The silly predictions and wildly over the top disinformation Swerdlow presents shows he is a fake, a wannabe and a scammer.

  6. After watching this video presentation given by Stewart Swerdlow, I laughed at how childish he sounds. Anyone can go and research Mr. Stewart Swerdlow and will find that he plagiarizes all his information from valid researchers concerning UFOs, galactic history, the Reptilians, the Illuminati, and everything else. Swerdlow is a well known disinformer and deceiver. So when I watched this video, I was not amazed by any of the information Swerdlow has presented. Because everything Stewart Swerdlow talks about just sounds like a mish mash of other peoples information. All the information about CERN, Stewart Swerdlow has plagiarized from valid researchers as he does with everything else. Swerdlow has no real talent and this is definitely the case when it comes to the bogus help he has given so many of his clients who now despise him. Stewart Swerdlow looks shifty and sly whilst presenting on stage. Swerdlow is definitely a con artist, liar, fraud and charlatan who has zero sincerity. He certainly looks bored and like he cares little for the information he presents.

    Stewart Swerdlow was not even on the Montauk Project, as many people now know. Alfred Bielek mentioned many times to people like Duncan Roads, the Nexus Magazine editor, about Swerdlow being a johnny-come-lately wannabe who was looking to reinvent himself because of his criminal record from 1992. Stewart Swerdlow had plagiarized Maryanne Johnston's language of hyperspace material, which he was going to use, and pretend he had galactic contacts from extraterrestrials. Even that idea had been plagiarized by Swerdlow the Swindler. Then with this in mind how come Stewart Swerdlow, the chief charlatan is standing on stage parroting on about rubbish he knows nothing about? Because he has duped and hoodwinked the organizers. Swerdlow tells everyone he is related to Saint Peter the Apostle, so why does the great pretender not have a DNA test done then to verify that? Then Swerdlow tells people he is a Sirian hybrid. Again, why does Swerdlow the Swindler not have a DNA test done to prove it? Why does Stewart Swerdlow not stand on stage and fluently speak the 12 languages he pretends he can speak? Obviously because he is a total liar and a gimmick merchant and nothing Swerdlow ever says about himself has any ounce of truth.


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