Wildlife camera captured beam of light accompanied by large sphere in Hartsville, South Carolina

My brother-in-law has a hunting area not far from our home in Hartsville, South Carolina. He has cameras posted in the hunting area to see if any Deer come by the feed pile so he can hunt them.

He always goes out every other day to retrieve the disc from the camera to check the footage and see what, if anything has tripped the camera.

The camera is a color, laser motion activated camera. When he downloaded the images he noticed the strange lights on the disc.

He asked me to look at the pictures to see what I can make of it. I told him that they looked like "Orbs". I replied to him.

Then he asked me to forward this information to MUFON, hoping we can get an answer as to what the strange lights can be.

Since these images were taken, no animals (Deer, Turkeys, Squirrel, Crows, Raccoons) have ever returned to the feed pile.

In the attached photos, shot on October 16, 2015, I am also adding the picture after the light, so you can see the area during day light. Mufon case 71884.


  1. if it is no effect and a real orb,these spheres are remote controlled surveillance and observation drones.when they humm and you can hear a low humming buzz,they "record",they transmit!when they don't,they're silent.
    The woods are under advanced surveillance by the subterrans (reptoids).they need meet,come up at night and hunt deers etc.
    They camouflage by using their psychic abillities,which they call "mimikry"! They choose a form and every observer will see this.they don't change shape really.but you think you see what they want you to see!
    Glowing red or yellow eyes are the best way to be sure that you're actually see one of them!
    Werewolf,goatman,dogman,sheepsquatch and every bigfoot with glowing eyes are in reallity one of them!!it's just a trick.they're highly telephatic and the observer will see what they want you to see.the orb is probably sent out to examine the cam.they want to stay in secret.don't want their existence to come out.they love to scare humans and feed of the emotional fear field our body emitts.like a rush for them.the more the fear the more the rush!many reports of those cryptids i mentioned told of those strange prickle in the spine before or while the encounter.thats because of their mimikry.like a electrical force field,what it rather is.they can expand their brain force field and grab ours.the mind.like mind control,or suggestion.
    That an orb is coming here and show up could be some proof that this special area is a region where they hunt.north and south carolina are in fact hot spots of encounters

  2. They need to live in magic formula. never desire his or her lifetime into the future out and about. that they wish to shock individuals along with supply in the emotive worry discipline our own bodies emitts. as being a run for the children. greater driving a vehicle greater your run! a lot of stories of people crypt-ids my spouse and i talked about instructed of people peculiar prickle inside spinal column ahead of as well as as you move the knowledge. i'm talking about because of their mimikry. as being a electro-mechanical drive discipline, precisely what the idea alternatively can be. they might develop his or her mental faculties drive discipline along with pick up ours. mental performance. similar to head command, as well as idea.

  3. Ball Lightning. Ain't no ghosties. Ain't no guv'ment. Just atmospheric plasma physics.


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