Artificially made Mars Dome photographed by Opportunity Mars Rover

Two panoramic images taken by Mars Rover Opportunity on July 10, 2015 show what appears to be a dome.

The isolated spherical structure sits on top of a hill and it looks quite different than the surrounding rocks and soil.

A glow or light in the middle of the dome suggests it may be metallic and reflecting sunlight. Or it could be a window emitting internal light. To the right of the dome you can see a smaller construction.

If this dome is not natural and it is indeed a building-like structure, could it be an outpost, a storage facility or a living quarter?

We may wonder who made it!

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  1. It could well be the dome part of an alien craft the rest of it hidden behind the hill, it also appears to have four windows on view, there is also a vehicle to the right or it could be part of the other structure also part hidden, and what appears to be a zigzag tube or pipe coming from the direction of it

  2. Surely its the top of an alien type craft which is sat down and half hidden by the hill between the craft and Mars Rover, the metallic looking structure to the right may well be part of the craft, as to the zigzag pipe!

  3. Streetcap1 found this months ago.

  4. thats an amazing shot!
    Many abductees told about being brought into a spherical dome were they've been examined. Maybe we've one of the ET domes here. They've not on moon only few but on Mars also.
    I ask myself why more and more stuff comes public? Little time ago there were no chance to get such kind of hard way! I guess governments (escpecially USA or better the CIA) let
    go proof of the ET reallity and presence out to us!
    What if there is an agenda going on. Some type of "education program" to convince the public about the ET's!! What if this is all a long planed teaching program which ends in the change of everybodys world view...we're not alone style??!!!
    What if the governments know that ET is coming here in masses, if ET is doing making themselves public and governments know about their plan.
    Maybe time is running out and so governments decided to let the facts out now...

  5. Hard to tell actual size but it could be a heat shield from a probe , really would like to it to scale !!! A private probe needs to be sent so it can be tasked to investigate this and other sites .

    1. Yes, true Chris, I agree it needs further investigation, but at first blush, I wouldn't think heat shields would have 'portholes' or at least gaps/spaces, but, who knows, a lot of stuff has gone up and quite a bit has crashed, however, if it had been identified by NASA as crashed material, why wouldn't they have stated this publicly before now?

  6. Looks like it's got an outside "lavy".... that's not very high tech.... betcha they built that in the 50's....


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