Breathing Earth – Forest ground moves in Nova Scotia, Canada

And suddenly the Earth started breathing in Nova Scotia.

What did happen in this forest along Apple River in Nova Scotia, Canada?

Look at the ground... It's moving, it goes up and it goes down, it's beating as if the earth just began to breath.

This weird phenomenon was captured by Brian Nuttall on October 31, 2015. So far no one has yet found an explanation for the phenomenon.



  1. Hello. I know exactly what it is. It is the roots of the trees bound under the years built up floor layer being pushed and pulled every time that gust of wind picks up. Good day.

    1. That is a scary sight to see, roots of the tree? ok that makes sense..thank you for that explanation.

    2. I agree, root system of trees.

    3. That's exactly what it is, and I've see it many times myself, not quite that extreme though...

  2. Are The second and third commenters scientists peraphs ? Do we have to take it for granted that this is the explanation or else ? It sounds rational I guess but It doesn't necessarely mean that is the only possible explanation or cause !

  3. i grew up in the mountains and have seen this before. but not on this scale. its more common where their is a lot of moss like this ive noticed. ive actually pushed old rotten trees and you can see the roots pulling and making this happen as you rock the tree back and forth. just on a smaller scale.


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