Massive Triangle UFO appears then vanishes over Melbourne, Australia

Skywatcher UFOLou recorded on November 13, 2015 a massive triangular object in the night sky over Melbourne, Australia.

UFOLou: “Never seen anything like this before. Object seems static. Simply appears, lasts a few minutes, then vanishes. Massive in size. Using a 50 mm lens. Orions belt in frame for scale.”



  1. Awesome Shared on my Facebook Ufo Lou.

  2. The thermal picture reveales more details of the first i thought it's triangle shaped too, but it's just the fields shape.the ionisation,the white glow gives the impression of triangle shape.
    The thermal image reveales it's true form!
    And thats unmistakeable a draconian craft!the "bird like" shape.the outlines are clearly visible...the "wings", the "bridge" (cockpit if you will) and the segments of different but symmetrical length...unmistakeable!
    There is a draconian underground base around the pine gap region.
    Their ships are very reliable in their technological camouflage system, almost perfect! There must be a reason that they show up.for sure no accident,a deffect!
    Draconians are extremly precise in moving in the athmosphere, even in space they're more and more to see!!
    Around the sun the huge motherships, near our moon also motherships and cruisers...

    1. Where do you Get, that Draconian craft identification from please?, specifically "draconian, and not some other variation of the many reptilian types".


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